What we do

Medical Aid

India faces high burden on disease because of lack of environmental sanitation and safe drinking water, under-nutrition, poot living conditions and limited access to preventive and curative health services.

Challenges in indian healthcare system

  • India is the second most populous country in the world
  • The death rate has declined but birth rates continue to be high in most of the states
  • Health care structure in the country is over burdened by increasing polulation
  • Rural versus urban divide
  • Demand for basic primary healthcare and infrasteucture

In our effort to reach out the under privileged and provide basic health care to the remotest part of india we have:

  • Started health care institutions accross india
  • Provided general medical aid to applicants from all over india
  • Attended ro critically ill patients under life saver scheme with utmost urgency
  • Provided ambulances and mobile hospitals to rural parts of india
  • Organised medical camps and blood donation camps

Medical Activities

  • Life saver cases
  • General medical aid
  • Healthcare centers
  • Ambulance services
  • Mobile medical vans
  • Medical camps
  • Blood donations camps